What is ApeironMC?

Apeiron, the wonderful, lustrous world to explore. Full of rags and riches. Come and join in on the fun while others reap the glory of competitions, events, and an evergrowing economy. There's plenty to do, with a full team of members working on creating ever lasting content that will expand and re-innovate how Minecraft is played. Custom features and mechanics that will keep you on your toes

Meet the Team
The Big Update
August 27, 2019

The time has come! Contents and system upgrades are long overdue and hence we are bring you the best and greatest updates ever!.

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Exciting Features

Custom Towny

Player Shops


Refinement System





All votes will receive the following (In Survival server):
1 vote key
As well as the added chance of getting:
120+ Votes:
5 Emerald Keys/1 Amethyst Key
125+ Votes:
7 Emerald Keys/2 Amethyst Key
130+ Votes:
9 Emerald Keys/3 Amethyst Key
135+ Votes:
12 Emerald Keys/4 Amethyst Key
140+ Votes:
15 Emerald Key/5 Amethyst Key

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