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Build Competition Winners & Next Theme, Top Voters, Introduction Winners, Next Buycraft Items!
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August Build Competition Winners
The month of August is over, and we have received some great builds for our parkour themed building competition! A huge thanks to @MysticElephant for helping host this month's build competition! (Note: We have 2 first place winners) Click the spoiler below to view the winners:
#1: MsMime /// Celestial Rank / $30 voucher, $6,000,000 in game money, 8 event keys #1: MonotonousPotato /// Celestial Rank / $30 voucher, $6,000,000 in game money, 8 event keys #2: Levasier /// Immortal rank / $15 voucher, $5,000,000 in game money, 6 event keys #3: Death_Killer1030 /// Immortal rank / $15 voucher, $2,000,000 in game money, 4 event keys A huge thanks to everybody who participated! If you've won a prize, please leave space in your enderchest. We will place your event keys in your ender chest and reward your money...

The Big Update!!

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The Big Update The time for change has come!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wait hold up, is this a new website?! I’m glad you noticed! This is Apeirons new website! Through this site you should have easy access to the servers forums and shop! Also, for all of you mobile browsers out there, this new site should work perfectly with your phone! This site has easy access to all of the information that you need is right here! Speaking of easy access to information… Wait holy crap is that a wiki?! Damn straight! With the collective effort from the staff team, we have brought you wiki pages dedicated to information about Apeiron and the plugins that you will be using! Want to make an easy 500k & Event Key, and possible celestial rank? If you do an introduction in the...