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    It's slowly coming together. *Edit: The town has been made public, so anyone should be able to visit if they would like.
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    Towny Build Competition

    Five to six years ago I was active on a past towny server. Two to three times a year, a towny build competition would be started. Prizes would include in-game money, recognition and a warp at spawn, etc. With that being said, I believe that something similar would be a great addition to this...
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    Haven't been on much, but here are some updated pictures.
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    Somewhere in the Pacific (July Build Competition)

    Name of the builder/s: agentalex108 Plot coordinate: 25, -1 Theme: Tropical Island Screenshots:
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    I've been away from Minecraft for about 5 years now. About a week ago I got the urge to re-download it and try it again. I went to Google and searched for" towny servers" since the ones I use to play on died years ago. I came across AperionMC and immediately went to work building the last...