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    Aztec Temple:Parkour Through Time

    Thread content: Parkour Name of the builder/s: Chewiy Plot coordinate: X-2301, Y-63, Z-2357 Theme: Parkour Comments: This is parkour through the inside of Time, when you journey into the Aztec Temple! (Also if the redstone doesn't work ignore it, I didn't know how to get the redstone (button)...
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    Just Another Generic Introduction

    Thanks Mini, it was in fact true, however my ban has been lifted, and I am now on the server playing again. <3
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    Mob Arena

    So I believe I talked to some staff member (kind of thinking it was Panda, or snook) about a possible Mob Arena, because my used to be favorite server, had a Mob Arena, and it was also very similar to this server, but a little bit worse overall, and the community and staff weren't as great, but...
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    Ban the player above you!

    I know I am kind of late to this, but I want to play this because I am currently banned.. so Banned for banning a helper.
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    Hello Wallad! How are you currently doing? I am doing good, currently banned, but if I get unbanned (and I am currently trying to, and hopefully I will) want to play together? I'd love to be friends! :)
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    Just Another Generic Introduction

    Hi MiniMuleNZ, I have recently joined the website to create a ban appeal, but you might know me, I am the guy who had worse ping than you. I am currently banned, but hope to get unbanned, and then we can play together! I know this is probably a little long ago, seeing as this was almost a month...
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    Hey Wart!

    Hey Wart!