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    The USSR Christmas Event!

    Sign me up sister :p
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    Ban the player above you!

    I took an arrow to the knee once and got banned for mass RDM
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    Ban the player above you!

    Banned for the unnecessary amount of public executions in brought daylight in the summer of 1921.
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    One word stories but its better

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    I have decided to resign from the Apeiron Staff Team.

    we will miss you rage <3
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    PvP MiniGame

    Could be like a command /duel that gives you the item for a fair fight.
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    PvP MiniGame

    I want a pvp mini-game that would be could constantly available for players that would want to match other players in the same gear and power as others. During that fight all boosts : mcmmo would be disabled to give fairness for both parties. Some people i want to fight have different boosts...
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    Cobalt for Refinement

    Another ingot/metal could be added named Cobalt. It would replace/look like lapis. Its functions? Give piece of armor or weapon some kind of status effect. For armor could be some kind of resistance : Fire , normal resistance or some new custom effect. For weapons could be : haste , strengh I or...