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    Mob Drop Prices

    Hey everyone! I know it's going to be a touchy subject, since a lot of you have donated spawners to /warp Grinder. But A lot of people have contacted me recently about mob drops, and how they are basically worthless now. A lot of shop owners complain that I've killed the market on most drops...
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    Cube of Death (August Build Comp) - Death_Killer1030

    Cords are -7,11 (creative plot) Literally a giant cube, you cannot miss it. Name: Death_Killer1030 Names of the participants: Death_Killer1030 Name of the build: Cube of Death Difficulty: Hard/Extreme Description : The Cube of Death utilizes multi platforming parkour rooms with varying styles...
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    Wizard Job Recommendations

    As much as I enjoy the difficulty of leveling in the wizard job, I think there are things that Wizards should get paid for that they currently do not. Below is a list of possible actions that a Wizard could get paid for beyond what is already there. Drinking potions Throwing potions Killing...
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    I beg your pardon? My kill count is at 37, last I checked.

    I beg your pardon? My kill count is at 37, last I checked.