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    Post your best memes of 2018 :')

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    Post your best memes of 2018 :')

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    Chunk Hoppers

    can Confirm, it also works on Badlands Biome, with Terracotta, all colors
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    Farming and Mining Job

    bumping this, does anyone know why Terracotta doesnt count for the mining job?
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    tree leaves

    Accelerate decay would help a lot indeed, its too bad the automatic chop of leaves causes lag, its just a small quality of life more than anything. appreciate the answer.
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    tree leaves

    is tehre any chance the leaves would decay any faster when we chop down trees? having it so the wood goes down in a single swing is quite great, but having the leaves there for hours is not. is there a chance we can earn this perk somehow? other than waiting another reason for this, is...