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    MemeKeeper's Intro

    Florida central news is 👏👌
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    Dispenser Limit

    Hopper limit is 172 my b.
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    Dispenser Limit

    I like stuff. I like having organized stuff. I like big redstone machines. I don't like lag. I am making a storage system, and realized there is a dispenser limit of 100. For an auto condense syroage system, its a 1 to 1 hopper ratio per item. Why is it 100 when the hopper limit is 150? It...
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    Prestige Changelog (please post suggestions!)

    Or Matts idea for the auto sell.
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    Prestige Changelog (please post suggestions!)

    Perm strength 2 would mess with /beacon from wizard I think. By chunk search, I meant a command where ypu can do something like /chunksearch chest and it would tell you how many chests are in the chunk. It wouldn't be that bad for mining, as you would hace to be in the chunk to see what is in...
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    Prestige Changelog (please post suggestions!)

    Woodcutter needs to be changed. 1st. Tree feller has no cooldown 2nd. +25% dmg to axes 3rd. /chunksearch to find blocks in a chunk. Would be useful in raiding to find chests.
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    Who's this Famy Guy?

    Welcome esq!
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    Apeiron YouTube Series

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    Legendary Items

    The legendary items should be findable, such as an xp system or something
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    One word stories but its better

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    Large Dungeon Update

    Why'd you spend so much time typing this when you could of spent it getting candy. I do think your idea is good, but staff aren't really able to make updates currently (I think) and there are other more pressing l issues, like empire stuff and to get my damn kits in order.
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    All I've wanted for 2+ months is my damn kits in order.
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    Soviet Intro

    Hi my names Soviet and I run /warp auto_shulk, slots, Atlantis, sbc, and oxeyecup, while owning two others. I am building a museum for the server visit at /warp apeironmuseum.