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  1. CoolerTyphalt2

    It's been a great time.

    I hope everyone is having a nice day! Age-old server jokes aside, I'm writing this today to announce my resignation from my position as staff after my long hiatus. Some of the older players may know me, while newer ones may not, but I've enjoyed every moment of being on this server, and even...
  2. CoolerTyphalt2

    September Build Comp - Temple of Getblock

    Name of the builder: CoolerTyphalt2 Plot coordinate: 16, -11 Theme: Ancient Greek/Roman Link:
  3. CoolerTyphalt2

    Questing Rework

    As many of us know, questing is a long, tedious process that requires a long time spent in order to gain a decent reward at the end. However, most of us experience that grind once and feel too lazy to do such a thing again, or at least try but give up halfway from how tiring the quests are...
  4. CoolerTyphalt2

    Free V-Bucks

    I'm in