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  1. NerdieBirdieYT

    Apeiron YouTube Series

    Greetings! I am NerdieBirdie, a family-friendly Minecraft YouTuber, and you're watching Disney Channel. Latest Video:
  2. NerdieBirdieYT

    NerdNation Guides

    Greetings! On our website, I enjoy making guides to help out new players in NN. I thought I'd share them here! ------------- Recommended Mods Useful Commands
  3. NerdieBirdieYT

    NerdNation's Arrival

    Greetings! My name is NerdieBirdie, and I represent the community of NerdNation. NerdNation is a community of Minecraft players and has existed since April 21st of 2017. After a rough startup on a Factions server, we switched to a Vanilla raiding server on May 14th, 2017, and stayed there for...
  4. NerdieBirdieYT

    Nerdie's a Newcomer

    Hello! My name is Nerdie, and I have run a community called NerdNation for about 2.5 years. We've been through a few servers, essentially starting on a vanilla raiding server, and most recently playing a Conquest server. The thing is, we don't enjoy PvP... and we suck at it. We're looking...