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  1. Exothxrmix_

    McDonald Meal - December Building Competition (Pixel Art)

    Here's my Pixel Art for this Building Competition. First time trying to build a pixel art, the color and the shape didn't fit that well. It' worth a try! :) Note: I usually change my Username every month, telling you in case if I am changing my username at the "Name of the builder/s" column...
  2. Exothxrmix_

    Say a number in the number order (From one to infinity)

    Everyone says a single number following the number order. Example: 1st player: One 2nd player: Two 3rd player: Three And all the way to Infinity!!
  3. Exothxrmix_

    Santa's Giant Sleigh (November Building Competition Entry)

    This is my first building competition I joined and I am very excited to join the Building Competition! Hope you all enjoy my build. (Sorry for the Cursor and the unfinished ground of snow😅) Name of the builder: Exothxrmix_ Plot coordinate: 11:19 Theme: Winter Comments: Made a giant sleigh for...