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  1. TheDarkenedPanda

    August Build Competition Winners + New Event Type?!?!?

    August Build Competition Winners This month we've decided to do something different! Since most players seem disinterested in build competitions, the staff team put their minds together and created a new event. Now it's time to put your mind to the test with a Minecraft Themed folk tale! You...
  2. TheDarkenedPanda

    July Top Voters & Build Comp Winners + Next Theme!

    July Top Voters 170+ Votes: 15 Event Keys, Overlord or $50 Buycraft Credit 160+ Votes: 12 Event Keys, Celestial Rank or $30 Buycraft Credit 150+ Votes: 9 Event Keys, Immortal Rank or $15 Buycraft Credit 140+ Votes: 7 Event Keys, Mystic Rank or $7 Buycraft Credit 130+ Votes: 5 Event Keys...
  3. TheDarkenedPanda

    TheDarkenedPanda's Parkour Build Submission

    Name: TheDarkenedPanda Names of the participants: TheDarkenedPanda Snookems2000 Name of the build: Dwarven Mine Gone Wrong Screenshots:
  4. TheDarkenedPanda

    Hello, all!

    Hello, my name is Panda, and can also be known as Dallas. I joined Apeiron late February, looking for a place to play some Towny. While it took me a bit to adjust to the "Settlements" instead of towns, I made off pretty well. I'm a miner at heart so of course that was the first job I joined and...