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  1. ItsRageTVbtw

    A Guide to McMMO Skills and Abilities

    McMMO is an RPG-like Skill System that all members will have access to upon joining the server. Depending on how much a certain action is performed within the server, you will begin to gain experience in that skill which will then wield you with bonuses as you progress. Also please vote on the...
  2. ItsRageTVbtw


    if you are reading this congrats on being one of the few other people that actually use the forums instead of discord
  3. ItsRageTVbtw

    I have decided to resign from the Apeiron Staff Team.

    So, I have been thinking about this for a few hours now and I have decided to resign. The whole drama around Csoi, Eagle and Monkey that was posted earlier did have an effect but not a huge one. The main effect of me deciding to leave is exams. Its my last year of exams before i move on to Uni...