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  1. lpbright98

    WillowSprings - Growing Medieval Community

    Wow looks like someone put a lot of work into that build. Best of luck in fixing it up! Post some pictures when you've made some progress fixing it. I'm interested to see what you add to it and how you make it your own.
  2. lpbright98

    Waatterrr Intro!!

    Hey Waatterrr, I like the name it's got a nice ring to it. I'm a big outdoorsmen and I've always wanted to explore the Alaskan wilderness although it sounds pretty cold. How was it living in Alaska? Did you enjoy it? Don't let WartLord_MC work you too hard lol although I'm sure he apreciates...
  3. lpbright98

    MonzieNZ's Intro :)

    Hey Monzie, It's nice to meet you! I've always wanted to travel to NZ to see what it's like. I live on the east cost of the United Sates of America and I haven't had many opertunities to explore the world. Currently my country is in a bit of turmoil over our presidential elections and it's...