A Tutorial on Blast Mining


Jun 8, 2019
One relatively easy way to gain large amounts of money and miner job exp can be by using TNT, though it can require decent sums of money to be input at the start. Here I will showcase the method I used to max miner job for the 4th time, in half the time it might take to do so by just straight mining. If you apply both major job exp and major job money boosts, you can gain around 8mil and max miner from base with 8 or so shulkers of TNT (estimated based on post-nerf). Because the TNT all goes off at once, it provides a very efficient use of the boosts.
I cannot endorse this particular way of Blast Mining as being strictly the best method. However, it works well enough for me.

Step 1: Get the necessary items for it.

I usually do about 2 shulkers full of TNT, though for best results and efficiently making the full use of your boosts, it is generally most efficient to use 3 shulkers. To get TNT, you can either buy it straight from a shop, or craft it from ingredients. These are sand and gunpowder, in a 4:5 ratio of amounts. So you need 4 shulkers of sand and 5 shulkers of gunpowder to make one shulker of TNT. To get the materials, again, you can buy them from a player shop (Most playershops such as dirt or deathshop sell them, though I sell gunpowder cheaply at /s home Pitch), or you can collect them yourself - excavating sand from a desert (make sure it's in /resource), and getting gunpowder from killing creepers - probably at /warp grinder. It is worth taking into account the fact that doing these tasks can also earn you money/xp from other jobs - Digger for excavation, and Adventurer for killing creepers. The UKA also has an afk creeper farm for gunpowder at /warp factory.

Aside from this, you'll need a few other things to do so. It is easier to fly through the tunnel as you follow the TNT, so you should probably be legend rank to have /fly. Wearing blast resistance armour is also useful, so wear some of that (Sovereign armour works well and is not too expensive). A Totem of Undying can be used if you feel especially fragile. Other items that are useful are a pickaxe, shovel, flint and steel, a bow 'n arrows, and a bucket of water (I'll come to those last two later). Lastly, it is generally a good idea to buy the jobs boosts before you start placing the TNT - I get these either from /warp boost, or from quest rewards. This means that if something (like a creeper, or a flame bow skeleton) sets off the TNT before you are ready, you can still apply the boosts for the amount that you have placed.

Step 2: Dig a big tunnel.

Before you start digging, choose a good place to dig - not near any large oceans. Then create a /sethome, so you don't accidentally lose the location if you suddenly need to go for some reason. I usually spend about 15 minutes digging straight forwards in a 2 block tall, 1 block wide tunnel. I do this at y=30, which usually is just above lava lakes, and yet below the ocean floor, unless you are unlucky enough to get dig into an ocean abyss. When happens I usually just change direction, heading in that way until I come to another water-filled section. If I reach a ravine which isn't filled with water, then I just build a bridge across it, then continue.
It is at this stage when you realise that dirt/gravel are some of the most annoying blocks you'll ever come across.

Step 3: Place the TNT - and watch out for creepers.

I then spend about twice the mining time, i.e. 30 minutes or so, placing out the many stacks of TNT I previously gathered. I find that you get best results if you completely only place the TNT one block high along the tunnel.
At this point, you must be extra careful of creepers sneaking up behind you. I learnt to be extra paranoid, after multiple occasions of having my TNT started before it had all been placed. To prevent this, I did three things. Firstly, I went on my minecraft volume settings, muted all the sounds except hostile mobs, and then turned my sound on full. Then, I used the two items I mentioned earlier: a bow, and a bucket of water. The bow allows you pick the creeper off from a distance, without danger of them exploding. The bucket of water provides a last-ditch way to prevent the creeper setting off the TNT, as long as the creeper is actually in it. Some of you may think to use a pet to defend you, however I find that if there isn't a mob to kill, they end up getting in the way of you placing blocks.

Step 4: BOOM (assuming a creeper didn't do that for you).

Before you actually set off the TNT, my first suggestion is to put every and all valuables somewhere safe - your echest, home storage, a /pv. You might either want to keep a pickaxe or a flint and steel out though - to set off the TNT. If you are confused by what I mean when I say a pickaxe, I am referring to the 'blast mining' skill, from the Mining mcmmo. This is activated by standing out of range of a TNT block (i.e. too far away to break it), then right-clicking it with a pickaxe. This sets off the TNT immediately, and also gives a bonus of an increased blast radius, which obviously gives more exp and money. You require, however, a specific level of mining mcmmo to use it, so an old fashioned flint 'n steel does the trick just fine.
Don't forget to apply your boosts, and then fly after the explosion as it happens. It requires a certain prudence, which is hard to describe, in how fast you follow the chain of explosions - too fast and you risk getting blown up yourself.

It also goes without saying that you need to be in the miner /job to actually use this, right?


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