August Build Competition Winners + New Event Type?!?!?

Feb 27, 2020

August Build Competition Winners
This month we've decided to do something different! Since most players seem disinterested in build competitions, the staff team put their minds together and created a new event. Now it's time to put your mind to the test with a Minecraft Themed folk tale! You *must* create a story between you and your friends, copy righted material will not be considered. Stories must be appropriate as well. You can create your story in a book and quill in game, or on the forums by creating a thread in the server events page. Books and Quills must be put into a chest with the correct coordinates listed. Good luck to all!

Deadline: October 2nd, 2020

Unfortunately we had some limited submissions this month, so we chose the prizes based on effort and creativity!
#1: U/A /// Celestial Rank/ $30, $7,000,000 in game money, 10 event keys
#2: ZorbynTheGreat /// Immortal rank/ $15, $5,000,000 in game money, 7 event keys
#3 U/A /// Immortal rank/ $15, $2,000,000 in game money, 5 event keys
#4 Gromit1801 /// Mystic rank/ $7, $1,000,000 in game money, 4 event keys
#5 U/A /// Mystic rank / $7, 3 event keys

U/A stands for unavailable. This means that a player did not win that prize either based on lack of entry or undeserving builds in the eyes of the team.

1. You may only submit one book per competition.
2. No inappropriate books.
3. The story must be original and started from this moment on. Previous stories you've created will not be judged.

How to submit:
Go to the server events forum (click here) and post a thread with the following:

Title of the thread: Name of your book!
Thread content:
Name of the writers/s:
Plot coordinate: (The one you see by entering a plot)
Theme: Minecraft Themed Folk Tale.
Comments: Any backstory for your book?

If you have any other ideas for server wide events, or what can be changed about them, contact a staff member and let us know! Prizes will be the same as build competition.