Better Blacksmith Prestiges


New Member
Jun 8, 2019
From what I know/what it says on the wiki, currently the Blacksmith prestiges are a 4% increase in chances for refinement, allowing for a 12% increase in chance total. Since I have not done much refining, I don't have the full experience in this, but 12% increase doesn't seem very much - especially when you compare this to other pres3 perks like /devil, flight in the end, and your pickaxe not breaking at all. What I propose is that either this increase is made greater (maybe doubling to 8% increase in chance), or you make it so that you get a 2% increase in chance with an additional perk, which is not quite as good compared to other perks. For example, maybe using an anvil requiring less xp, the ability to get max/more resources back from salvage, and either your sword or armour not breaking.