Brewery Brews Update


Jun 8, 2019
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The time has come - a load more brewery brews have been added to Apeiron. Here's the information that's being released about them and their recipes. If you haven't come across brewery before, the tutorial can be found on the wiki, here:
While the ingredients and cooking times are all provided, we're doing things a bit differently regarding the ingredients amount - for some of them you're going to have to discover the right volumes of each ingredient yourselves, through rigorous testing. So unleash your inner mad scientist and get brewing!

Name: Rank Tea
Ingredients: Glowstone Dust, Apple, Gold Ingot
Cooking Time: 8 minutes
Age: 1
Barrel: Birch
Effects: Glowing

Name: Spirits
Ingredients: Netherwart, Magma Cream, Quartz
Cooking Time: 8 minutes
Age: 2
Barrel: Acadia
Distill: 4 Runs

Name: Cordial
Ingredients: White Wool, String, Milk Bucket
Cooking Time: 4 minutes
Distill: 3 Runs

Name: Essence
Ingredients: Dried Kelp, Sea Lantern
Cooking Time: 3 minutes
Age: 9
Barrel: Any
Effects: Dolphin's Grace

Name: Draught
Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Golden Carrot, Brown Mushroom
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Age: 1
Barrel: Any
Distill: 2 Runs

Name: Nectar
Ingredients: Red Dye, Apple, Golden Apple
Cooking Time: 8 minutes
Age: 3
Barrel: Jungle
Distill: 3 Runs

Name: Velocity
Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Beans, Milk Bucket
Cooking Time: 2 minutes
Distill: 3 Runs

Name: Ichor
Ingredients: Soulsand, Wither Skeleton Skull, Magma Block
Cooking Time: 13 minutes
Age: 72
Barrel: Dark Oak
Distill: 8 Runs
Effects: Strength 4

Name: Mocha
Ingredients: Obsidian, Iron Blocks, Cocoa Beans
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Age: 6
Barrel: Dark Oak

Name: Lembas
Ingredients: Gold Ingots, Bread, Jungle Leaves
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Age: 3
Barrel: Jungle
Distill: 2 Runs

The ingredient counts are lost to the ages. Here are some partial ones we have found:

2/2/9 - Lembas
10/8/3 - Cordial
12/5/3 - Tea
10/7/0 - Essence