Cube of Death (August Build Comp) - Death_Killer1030


Jan 27, 2019
Cords are -7,11 (creative plot) Literally a giant cube, you cannot miss it.

Name: Death_Killer1030
Names of the participants: Death_Killer1030
Name of the build: Cube of Death
Difficulty: Hard/Extreme
Description : The Cube of Death utilizes multi platforming parkour rooms with varying styles of parkour, ensuring frustration from even the most veteran parkourists. You will find 4 Sections, 9 parts per section (save one I made extra difficult for multiparts) and checkpoints for players to set /homes at and return when allowed. It also features, from what my current knowledge knows, a brand new type of parkour in one section; 1x1 parkour. You will find this course rigorous, challenging, even rage inducing. But one thing you will not find here is mercy :) <3 Death
Screenshots: 2019-08-30_18.41.03.png2019-08-30_18.41.19.png2019-08-30_18.41.25.png2019-08-30_18.43.00.png

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