Emerald Republic Christmas Events Announcements!


Dec 29, 2018
The 2019 Christmas Event Season!
This year we are proud to announce that the Emerald Republic will be hosting a magnitude of events!
Each event will take place anywhere from the 10th of December, all the way up until December 31st!
I am hoping to add a small New Years Event for everyone to enjoy!

What sort of events are we hosting?
We are excited to say the first event we will be announcing for is the Secret Santa. You may have seen Bamaguy as well as myself post about it on the forums here, the discord, and even in game. This is not limited to only players who are in the Empire of the ER, anyone can join!
I have been working for days to pair the names that I have now. If you have signed up, you will receive a message in discord, or /mail in game! If you do not respond by the 20th of December, we will assume you have dropped out. We will be keeping extra gifts to make sure that everyone has a fair chance at getting something that wishes to stay involved.

The Secret Santa will go as follows; Each player that has signed up will be given a person of whom they have to get a gift for. What we request is that once you have figured out the gift, you must contact myself (Rhainalane223 or Bamaguy56) so that we can take said gift from you and store it until the event. We have a chest system set up with player names on them. When they attend the event, we will give them said gift without them knowing who it was from!

Of course we have rules! Why wouldn't we? The amount of players that have signed up is more than we expected. A few of the players who have signed up are known for funny trolling. So we have set a small list of rules in tact. If the rules are broken, you will be removed from the event and no gift will be given to you. You have been warned!

1. No trolling of any kind!
-What I mean by this is that we do not want you get a piece of dirt, or any item, rename it, and troll the player you are supposed to get said gift for.

2. The gifts must have some sort of value.

Keep in mind that we want the gifts to have some sort of value. Giving just random farm blocks, dirt, stone, etc will not be acceptable. An example of a good gift would be a shulker that has possibly 4 diamond blocks, some sort of item that has value of any sort; ie- vote pick, and a few other smaller items. Any collectible, keys, money vouchers from quests, any type of boosts, gear or tools worth something, ores, etc. If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to get in touch with either Bama or I!

You must not tell the other person that you have them! That is the point of the secret santa!

Most importantly we want everyone to have fun with this event in particular. The date will be announced around the 18th of December. We would like to host this specific event two different days. Other small gifts of appreciation will be given out by us. This season is about giving, and we would love to show everyone in the community how much we appreciate them.

Within the next two weeks, we will be announcing a huge list of events such as parkour, a small pvp event, a cookie hunt at a christmas village, a week long Christmas build competition, as well as a gift hunt!

We would like to thank everyone in the community for the support so far!

It is also not too late to sign up for the Secret Santa. If you wish to be added, please feel free to send either of us a message! Messages will be going out here shortly for the player you have been given!

Thanks for your time, and enjoy this holiday season! :D




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May 17, 2019
This is Deafie and I want to sign up for secret santa please and i am not trolling