Emerald Republic's Christmas Events!


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Dec 29, 2018
The time has finally come!
I am extremely excited to finally announce the series of events as well as the dates for this years Emerald Republic's Christmas event Season!
The following is the list of events that will be taking place at /warp Christmas!

December 20th-26th Starting at 8am Est.
Secret Santa Event!
How this will work is when you warp to the said warp mentioned above, in the middle of the Christmas town will be a chest under a tree with a sign on it that has your name. You will only be able to access that specific chest, so do not try to open any others!
Your gift from your Secret Santa will be inside along with a few other goodies from Bama and I to say thank you for participating in this event!

If you received a voucher in your chest for money that isn't redeemable by clicking on it, please contact me asap so I can pay said amount.
Some people decided to give gifts of money along with their gift boxes, and this is the only way for me to make it payable to you.

During this time, you will also find chests hidden throughout the town with goodies inside of them.

Each chest will be accessible to everyone. Not just one person in particular.
If you find an empty chest, don't be sad because I will be putting stuff in these daily! So keep checking back for more items!
Inside of these chests will be armor, vote picks, elytras, money vouchers that were given from quests, and tons more!
I've managed to find myself some Fire Dragon Vests, so on a few days, they'll be in there as well!
Every few days I will be moving the chests so that It can be fair to everyone involved.
I would also like to add that these hidden chests will be open to the public! Not just those who participated in the Secret Santa event!

Decemeber 23rd at 4pm Est.

I will be hosting Santas Cookie Hunt!
This event is limited, and will be held at 4pm, then again at 7pm est.
Throughout the town, chests will be hidden. In each chest you will find cookies! These cookies will be named different according to points.
The event will last 15minutes per round. 2 Rounds will happen between 4 and 5, then 2 more between 7 and 8.
Once you have found the cookies and the time is up, you will gather around the center near the tree and I will tally everyone's points.
When you enter the town, your inventory is to be empty! If I find anyone renaming cookies, you will be disqualified, as well as banished from the town for the remainder of the days.
Prizes include
-Money (3.5mil worth of igm will be given!)
-Vote and Event keys!
-Vote and Event Items
-Spawner Shards
-Lots more random items!
Each event will only be allowed to have 7 players per round. You can only participate in one round!
The chests will be moved during the time gap between 5 and 7 so that players can't sell hidden areas.

I do plan on doing some more awesome little events during this time, so keep an eye out!
The following list is of the players who have entered the Secret Santa Event and will be given a gift. If you have entered into the event and you do not see your name, I will allow until 9pm est. on December 19th to have your gift turned in. It just makes it fair that you aren't receiving something when you gave nothing.

I want to give a big thank you to those who have turned in their gifts to make this possible! <3

  1. MrNubz
  2. JasonJar
  3. Tatooine
  4. MikuQQ
  5. Blazingdrake75
  6. RollenW
  7. Diam0ndDragon
  8. Lizzyg95
  9. BraxtonSr
  10. EliteAgent07
  11. Death_Killer1030
  12. Vindicates
  13. ConeCaine
  14. WhitPb7
  15. Deafie
  16. Wallad1
  17. _sain
  18. infil1
  19. Johnny_Bravo_0
  20. eSvshi
If you do not get your gift from the Christmas town by December 26th, please pm afterwards. Your gift will be held in storage until January 7th! If you do not claim your gift, it will be returned to the person who was assigned your name.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope everyone has an awesome New Year!
Thanks for playing on ApeironMC! :D

Holiday Wishes-