February/March Build Competition Entry: Paragon


Jun 8, 2019
Builder: Levasier
Plot coordinates: -20, -12
Theme: Space
Comments: So this is my build competition entry, a sci-fi base set upon an alien planet. The terrain has a sort of Mars-like feel, with multiple small ruins, rovers, solar panels and foliage to add to the ambience of the main building, a decently sized outpost built around a large aircraft hangar. The rooms are populated with numerous metallic humanoids, from pilots to scientists, and range from a laboratory to containment cells. It wouldn't be worthy to be called space themed if there wasn't at least one spaceship - luckily there's seven in total, two in the air, four parked in the hanger, and one readying for take-off on a large launchpad.
Screenshots: Though I've taken about 8 screenshots, for some reason only these four are loading, so I'm afraid you'll get no overarching shots unless you actually go to the plot.