Free V-Bucks


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Jan 15, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Howdy gamers,

If you don't know who I am good, that means I'm doing something right. I've decided I'm holding my own little:eek: lottery draw.:eek:

o_OHere are the termso_O

1. Enter by responding to this post.
2. Anyone can enter
3. Play the game

What are you entering for? Well, you're entering for the chance to win 1 of 2 donation rank ups, and 1 winner will receive a rank up to :eek:Sovereign(regardless of current rank). :eek: For those currently Sovereign, in the case of you winning can keep the $80 in credit to the buycraft store here for whatever purpose you so choose. The draw will be on July 4th, 2019.:confused:

The draw will not happen if there are less than 10 registered participants:LOL:

:oops:Oh, I almost forgot, anyone not being a nice gamer girl/boy to the other gamer girls/boys will not be eligible and I will have your logs checked before you receive your reward, and any alts entered will cause both of your accounts to be removed from the draw :oops:

Good luck gamers:cool:


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Jun 12, 2019
Reacting as in on the post itself or commenting here?
If its the latter then
sign me up daddy xoxo