Hey Everyone!


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Sep 27, 2019
Hello all!

A few of you already know me, but I am excited to meet everyone who has not! My name is Generalleecar, but feel free to call me Gen. I love to use the economy to it's fullest, as well as build in the free time. I have had many years of both minecraft playing and server hosting/maintenance. I have not only moderated servers, but I have also owned a few, as well as co-owned some.

I recently took a fall into the real world and lost a lot of my freetime. However, I have since gotten back to my roots of playing MC. I look forward to many funfilled hours with you all, and can't wait to meet you guys!

Thank you for your time,



Hello Generalleecar!

I'm glad you have come back to Minecraft! :) I hope that you enjoy it here on ApeironMC!