I have decided to resign from the Apeiron Staff Team.


Jun 11, 2019
So, I have been thinking about this for a few hours now and I have decided to resign. The whole drama around Csoi, Eagle and Monkey that was posted earlier did have an effect but not a huge one. The main effect of me deciding to leave is exams. Its my last year of exams before i move on to Uni and i really want to do good in them. Apeiron has gave me an addiction from the day i joined to the day i post this forum but I want to focus more on IRL stuff and hanging out with my girlfriend and my family a lot more. I will still hang around in the Apeiron Discord where you can contact me there. I'll also log on to check out new updates and more. Goodbye all players and i hope you all go far in life. Love you all <3