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Apr 23, 2020
Good morning, afternoon, and evening Apeiron - depending on where in the world you reside - from me in New Zealand.

I've traveled a long way to be here today (virtually of course - imagine moving to a different country to play Minecraft) at the bequest of one of my American online friends that I originally met back in 2015 while I was an Unturned modder. Fast forward to today and they are setting up their own Minecraft server that they originally wanted me to join, but is still only in experimental phases. I was led to join Apeiron so that we could play together for a while until their server is ready, but I've grown an attachment to this server and its community, so I won't be leaving any time soon.

A little bit about me
I'm a programmer. That's basically my life - when I see a problem, shortcoming, lack, or minor task that would take longer to automate than it would take to actually do the task manually for the next few years, I'm inclined-no COMPELLED to create the automation to do it. At least halfway. Usually slightly less than halfway.
Primarily I do full stack web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/Obscure flavor of SQL), but I used to do a lot of work in C# and Lua as well. Lua you ask? That's the language that World of Warcraft addons are written in, and also the language used by ComputerCraft and OpenComputers. Yes I worked in all three of those. I maintained my own relatively successfully WoW addon for about five years, but it fell into disrepair after I left the game, and I just don't care to continue working around the limitations.

My wife, MonzieG (both in game and IRL) also plays here with me, you can find us round the place. Don't be afraid to say hi - we don't bite.

Doesn't playing from New Zealand lag, like REALLY bad?
Well, no. For the most part it doesn't. We put up with the ~180ms of latency - you get used to that when all of the servers for anything you've ever played on anywhere have been like that. Sometimes we get some really bad patches - that's mostly due to the diameter of the network pipes leaving our country - you might see us come and go a few times during the day, rest assured that we've just gotten squeezed out of the pipes and are experiencing 3000+ms ping. We'll be back though.

Why are you doing a grand introduction - you're not famous and I don't care
Fair enough.

What other games do you play?
I've spent a lot of time playing games where I can create automation, chaos, complex supply chains, structures however I want to, and simulation games.
Basically lots of Minecraft, Factorio, open world RPGs, and Euro Truck Simulator. Oh and I used to play WoW. Think I mentioned that.

I look forward to talking to more of you online and in-game!
Keep calm and game on Apeiron!
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Oct 3, 2018
Hello minimule! it's definitely nice to know you've planned to stick around :D I mean you can still play between the servers if you really wanted tho :p

oooh you've played factorio, that game is dope! i wonder what kind of builds you've done on that game


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Apr 23, 2020
Don't get me wrong - I love Factorio and its concepts, but I really only play it for the "make ridiculous production chains" rather than the overall challenge of it. Usually we turn enemy expansion down and evolution off. I tend to do most of the planning and building, while my wife takes power poles and eradicates nests further and further away.

I don't think we'll be moving between the two servers - not for the foreseeable future anyway. The guys are nice, but they are in no way organized and things don't work that well so far. Most of my larger builds have been modded Minecraft related, and my favorite a few years back was a ComputerCraft stargate dialing device - maybe I'll share some pictures at some stage.

For now, we will be dedicating our attention to ShipShop which we have bought, and forging new alliances with our New Zealand comrades on the server! It's funny how there are several of us playing here - the NZ suffix for our names is catching on!