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Jun 8, 2019
I know all you developers probably have your hands full with the new quests plugin and Halloween event, but this would be an awesome addition sometime in the future, which I feel would add another fun way to earn money, and create a use for combat items which people haven't had much of a motivation to get. I feel it would also make the server even more unique, and hopefully attract more players.
The two biggest limitations on whether you do this seem to me to be time and server running capacity. You would probably need to create a new dimension for this, as well as run several mobs : I'm not sure how this would affect the running speed of other stuff. In terms of time, there's coding all the mobs, and actually creating the dungeon buildings. You could maybe recruit some trusted players who are good at building to make the floors, idk. I can't see it being that hard to code custom mobs (presumeably using the mythicmobs plugin), but the sheer number of them would add up time.

Inspired by having the Angry Spooders in the Halloween event which are actually able to kill players, this is something a few players and I discussed in chat today, the main concept of which you may be familiar with. Basically adding an RPG sort of dungeon, with custom mobs that you can kill. It have about 4-5 levels, and would get gradually harder as it went down, with the first level being able to be tackled by warriors and the last level having mobs that require possibly even teams of sovereigns. Note that while PvE would be on, PvP would not be on. The dungeon would also have keep inventory on, so that players aren't afraid to enter and lose their items.

The rewards of this dungeon would be money, gradually increasing per level. However, the type I would make the dungeon is Souls: while you do not lose your inventory when you die, instead you lose all the money you racked up while you have been in that level; thus, the money would go into a separate 'dungeon sack', and each floor would act as a checkpoint, depositing the pouch into your main balance, also doing this when you leave. For the first level I am imagining 50$ per kill or so, and for the last level about 5K per kill (this might need some balancing).
Potentially you could also add things like refinement materials to have a chance to drop with bosses/ higher floors.
You could also make quests include killing the new custom mobs, with the amount and floor number increasing with rarity.

In terms of what is actually in the dungeon, I am imagining custom mobs of a similar sort to the Angry Spooders, in that they resemble vanilla mobs with custom stats, except that they would not stack, and would have a 5 minute respawn cooldown. It's your call whether you make it an open-world dungeon (like one large cavern) or a set of smaller connected rooms (or a mix for each floor). I imagine there would be an entry portal to each floor, and an exit point to the next floor/leaving point. For example, the first level could have mobs which have about the stats of an easy difficulty zombie. And in the final level there could be mobs with about the stats of an Ender Dragon.
In terms of bosses, I see several ways you could do this. I presume you are using the mythicmobs plugin to make custom mobs, so while you could just make a boss be a mob with better stats, it could also be used to create some pretty unique stuff. It depends how much time you want to put into it.

Some ideas for floor themes: Farm (chickens, cow, sheep, pig), Caves (spiders (and cave spiders), bats, creepers, silverfish), Ruined City (zombies and variants, skeletons), Water/Swamp (fish, turtles, drowned, guardians), Forest (rabbit, ocelot, slime, witch), Nether (nether mobs).

Players would be able to enter and leave the dungeon by doing /d enter and /d leave. There would be a 20 min cooldown before you could reenter the dungeon after leaving.
You could also a party feature - /d party create (I know there is an mcmmo party command, but I imagine it would be easier to create a new one). This would share the money received from mobs killed within the dungeon amongst each member of the party equally. Parties would have a max of maybe 10 people.
There would also be /c d, chat for people within the dungeon, and maybe also /c dp, chat for your dungeon party (maybe just the former of those).
Also, you should disable /jump, /top and epearls to stop people tp-ing out.
However, I would include most other prestige commands, including /devil etc. - providing a use to it where previously there wouldn't have been one. It's your choice whether you disable /heal (I'd prefer if you didn't tbh).
In order to prevent people glitching in/out, you should also probably create this in a new dimension (not spawn/events), to stop people getting in from other places.

Please reply with any suggestions / problems you have about this suggestion.
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Aug 28, 2019
Why'd you spend so much time typing this when you could of spent it getting candy. I do think your idea is good, but staff aren't really able to make updates currently (I think) and there are other more pressing l issues, like empire stuff and to get my damn kits in order.


Jun 11, 2019
Lev, i like this idea :D Anything RPG Dungeon Crawler related is always very fun and addicting and would bring in a lot more players to have fun with it.
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Jul 1, 2019
OH MY GOD I LOVE this! This would be a perfect way to a) please the pvp'rs b) bring value to refinement and c) give a motive for people to form groups and play!!!!!