More Titles like Spooked - Remember 'You have been promoted to A Miner' ?


Jun 8, 2019
After having seen the Spooked title which staff have, where it shows both their staff rank and their Spooked rank, I thought it might be nice if this sort of thing was applied to everyone, with a base rank and then a special rank next to it (like many other servers have). Since, of course, there are no other special ranks other than Spooked, I thought it might be nice to add some other ones - and this reminded me of how when you reach level 25 of a job it says: 'You have been promoted to A [insert job name here]'. Previously (from what I am aware), this hasn't actually meant anything.
So I thought it might be interesting to add a feature where if you have acheived certain goals (like job levels), then you get a title which you can put beside your server rank - it has no actual practical effects and is purely cosmetic, but yeah.
So in chat it might look like:
[Sovereign] [Farmer] Shard -> Blah Blah Blah
Rather than:
[Sovereign] Shard -> Blah Blah Blah

This would require you to have a command like /ctitle which enabled you to pick which title you wanted to use.

If you see the suggested job titles which I have suggested below, you will see that there are four for each job. The first is the actual job name, which you would get upon reaching level 25 of that job. The following three would be obtainable at each prestige, in order. I have deliberately made the third one a bit more... fun, to celebrate the 3rd prestige.
Taking Vindicates’ brilliant suggestions for titles (see comments) here are a list of possible titles for each job.
Miner -> Miner, Geologist, Archaeologist, Fossil
Woodcutter -> Woodcutter, Lumberjack, Woodpecker, Executioner
Digger -> Digger, Excavator, Rabbit, Fox
Farmer -> Farmer, Agriculturist, Cultivator, Scarecrow
Chef -> Chef, Baker, Confectioner, Porky
Builder -> Builder, Mason, Architect, Fabricant
Blacksmith -> Blacksmith, Armorer, Metallurgist, Ironman
Adventurer -> Adventurer, Hunter, Wanderer, Lost
Aquaman -> Aquaman, Fisher, Surfer, Shark
Hellboy -> Hellboy, Demon, Infernal, Devil
Enderboy -> Enderboy, Stranger, Alien, Dragon
Wizard -> Wizard, Warlock, Mage, Merlin

You could also or either add more symbols or something like the collectibles star - like maybe a symbol like S or A for a town Chief and a Town assistant, or perhaps add the empire symbol (which is currently added to the end of your town rank) to your prefix. Or a $ symbol for players who have reached over 50mil in their bank. Or a heart symbol for players who are married. Alternatively, you could create something like Emperor and Empress titles for empire leaders, Chief and Assistant titles for town leaders, 'Flush' for players who have had over 50mil in their bank, and Lovely for players who are married.

In arguments against arguments which people might have against this, I can think of two reasons which people would say not to add it:
1. It might clog up chat a lot - to this I say that I disagree, though it is personal preference. Certainly, this feature, or a similar one, of having two titles, is one which many servers I have played on use, and even on this server Csoisauce had two titles.
2. There's no point - I agree and disagree. True, it makes no difference to actual gameplay. However, I would point out that neither do /cosmetics, nor the star which you gain from completing the /collectibles. This idea is in a similar vein to that - its just fun, and an added dimension to the game, as well as an ability to celebrate prestiges.

Also staff reading this... I know as well as you that we ain't got time for this for a while... But for the future? This would be cool.
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Jul 17, 2019
Some ideas for titles:

Miner -> Miner, Geologist, Archaeologist
Woodcutter -> Woodcutter, Lumberjack
Digger -> Digger, Excavator
Farmer -> Farmer, Agriculturist, Cultivator
Chef -> Chef, Cook
Builder -> Architect
Blacksmith -> Blacksmith, Armorer, Metalsmith
Adventurer -> Adventurer, Explorer, Hunter
Aquaman -> Aquaman, Fisher,
Hellboy -> Demon, Devil
Enderboy -> Outsider
Wizard -> Wizard, Mage, Witch, Warlock
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Nov 25, 2019
this is a perfect idea this is amazing thank you levi i would love this added into the server


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Jul 1, 2019
I agree there should be more titles, also that staff should be able to have two titles such as the spooked title or sovereign.