October Build Contest Winners!

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October Building Contest Winners!
After a very delayed judging, the October build comp winners have been chosen! This competition had very few builds to chose from, but most of the (three) entries were very cool and well thought out. Seeing as I have already delayed this for long enough, the winners are as follows:

Our Winners: #1: Builderbill1258, pughugjug /// Celestial Rank/ $30, $7,000,000 in game money, 10 event keys
#2: ZorbynTheGreat /// Immortal rank/ $15, $5,000,000 in game money, 7 event keys
#3: N/A /// Immortal rank/ $15, $2,000,000 in game money, 5 event keys
#4: N/A /// Mystic rank/ $7, $1,000,000 in game money, 4 event keys
#5: Diam0ndDragon /// Mystic rank / $7, 3 event keys

Our next month's contest will be announced at a later date, if you have any suggestions on what we should do next, let us know!​