Player Events


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Jul 20, 2019
After experiencing difficulty with previous events I have come up with a concept that I believe will enable matters to work much more smoothly.
When dealing with events myself and others have come across the issue of preventing cheating. In the creative world, there is no easy way to stop players from switching to creative on your plot, which means they can duplicate items or cause havoc through PvP.
I would like to propose either an adjustment to the plot system that enables plot owners to set such conditions, OR, some sort of event master rank that can be applied for that would allow access to another plugin that would make such goals attainable.
Ultimately, as of current, plot owners do not have enough control over their plot to ensure fair game play.
There is also a matter of event prizes. It is my understanding that server staff would like to avoid having to be relied on for events. However, the lack of interesting prizes breeds lower moral for the events. I am uncertain of a way to solve that problem, unless you increase the level of trust required for aforementioned event master rank and allow the use of lore commands. I feel as thought that complicates things though.
Thanks for considering my idea,
~ Sarah :)


Hello ShadowflameiO,

We understand your concerns and we are willing to work with you. What we can do is create a temporary region that disallows gamemode changes and teleportation. As the event facilitator, you can place barrier blocks around the edges of your plot, disallowing players from exiting. We would have to do this 24h-3h before the event takes place to test. This would disallow players from being able to exit the region and duplicate items during your event,

However, I do not feel comfortable with the allowance of lore commands. It becomes easier to trick players into believing an item is provided by the server.
Several items, such as the new Adamantine and Mithril items, require the use of lore to differentiate between 'fake' and 'real'. With issues such as players being able to rename items using formatting, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine the difference between what is real and what is not.