Public Request: Litematicha Tutorial for 1.13.x (Schematica Replacement)


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Dec 17, 2018
Hello everyone! Posting this as you have been highly requesting this.

In the following link, you will find a few files.
There is a link for a zip file (Rift_MultiMCInstaller) , & an jar file.

I am going to provide some instructions for you guys to follow along, as I know that Schematica has been a popular thing you guys have requested.

But before I do, I would like to give a short Q&A:
Q: I've seen YouTube videos of this app, it looks really complex and difficult to use, I don't think i'm going to like it.
A: Give it a shot, I myself was under the same impression. I started to try it out for a massive build I am currently working on, and to be honest. It actually isn't as bad as you guys think it is. It is very similar, if not identical (function) wise.

Q: Will Schematica Return?
A: Honestly.... I don't think so. But hey, this is actually a great alternative.

Q: Will I be able to use Schematics (from Schematica) in the new Litematicha?
A: That's one thing I wish we could do. But at least creating schematics is actually pretty simple. I went ahead and copied some builds and it took me no less than 5 minutes.

Ready to get started? (Hi, sorry i do need to make something clear though. Unfortunately for Apple Users, you will need to be using MultiMC)

This method is for Windows, based clients only. Which is why I included a MultiMC installation for Rift. If anyone has any questions about it, I will try and help, however I would suggest looking at YouTube for it. Here is the best tutorial I could find for this:
(my advice tho is to speed it to 1.25 its a bit slow. But this is also how i got it working for 1.13 stock before.
Just use my Litematicha installation zip included in the downloads below) (Zip File Titled: Rift_MultiMCInstaller)

Alright, now to get started:

Extract Rift-jitpack-2d8bb9bd56-1_ZIP and install the JAR "Rift-jitpack-2d8bb9bd56-1.jar"
then, what you will need to do, is go to %appdata%
Go to .minecraft

Then, either you can feel free to copy my folder // <<< extract that, the jar file is inside.

If you would like to manually create the folders. Copy exactly cAsE - SeNsItIvE the text and make sure you copy and paste the jar file from my pre-compiled package.

Once you have Rift installed & you have done the directory set. You should be all set!

I hope this all works for you guys & if you have any questions. Let me know!

Also a bit shoutout to Riddler60 for helping me out with this guide! :)

One last thing. In the Minecraft directory, please note that there is a mods folder. This is where you will download Litematicha and place all the required repos. That is also included in the download under the name
(Just extract & place the mods in the zip folder in the mods folder on the .minecraft)


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