Recent Updates and Future News!

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Server Updates (will be added on May 5th)

- We have added /togglemcmmo! This command toggles ALL McMMO abilities. This will be useful for PvP'ing, allowing players to have a more fair playing field while fighting each other.

Disclaimer: /togglemcmmo toggles ALL McMMO features. This means if you have toggled McMMO off, you will not gain any experience or be able to use any McMMO skills UNTIL you turn it back on.

- We have added /chunkhopper to get chunk hoppers on the creative server!

- We have created a google forms for submitting QOTD's for the discord server! Click here to submit one.

- Massively buffed the Wizard job

- Buffed the Woodcutter job

- Added all 16 terra-cotta’s to miner

- Added shear and arrow to blacksmith

- Added golden carrot to chef

- Added planting kelp/seagrass to aquaman

- Added placing all types of coral in aquaman

- Added iron bars to builder

Upcoming News

- We hope to be adding more custom brews by the end of this weekend! There may be slight delays for bug testing and perfecting the new brews, but this weekend is our goal.

- We will be adding /beacon and /peffect as prestige rewards for the Wizard Job! These commands allow you to apply potion effects to your player. More detail will be given regarding the Wizard prestiges on the prestige wiki post soon.

- Redeemable income boosts will soon be able to stack with prestige income boosts!

- We will soon be posting a FULL list of all commands on the server and what they do.

- We are still hard at work on dungeons! We have configured over 50 CUSTOM armor pieces/ weapons. On top of that, dozens of custom items, charms, etc have been created already as well.

New Rule Change (goes into effect after May 5)

We will be changing Rule 9.2 under the Settlement Rules Sections.

NEW RULE: Settlement Staff may kick residents if they have violated server and/or settlement rules. However, items are to be given back to the player that was kicked out.

Settlement Staff may kick residents if they have violated server and/or settlement rules. Their items may be confiscated immediately as well.

We really appreciate the community's support in recent times. We apologize for the delays that we have experienced in implementing new features, but we hope to drastically speed up our process of updating the server from now on! Thanks so much for playing; we really enjoy seeing how the server community has been growing and supporting one another!
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Dec 14, 2019
10/10 improvements, thank you for listening to the community and bringing us these small (at least on paper) yet extremely helpful updates!