September Writing Contest Winners!!!

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September Writing Contest Winners
We had so many amazing stories to choose from during our September writing contest! There were harrowing adventures, crazy antics and heartwarming endings for us to read through. We have narrowed down our entries to picked the top 5 best stories (with an extra story picked to tie with fourth place). Look out for our winners books possibly circulation across the server, and if you get a chance to read them, take it!

Our Winners:
#1: MiniMuleNZ/// Celestial Rank/ $30, $7,000,000 in game money, 10 event keys
#2: Notifs /// Immortal rank/ $15, $5,000,000 in game money, 7 event keys
#3: MatchDestroyer/// Immortal rank/ $15, $2,000,000 in game money, 5 event keys
#4: ZorbynTheGreat and Eliteagent07 /// Mystic rank/ $7, $1,000,000 in game money, 4 event keys
#5: Rlly_Retro/// Mystic rank / $7, 3 event keys

October Build Competition:
Since its officially October and Halloween is coming up quickly, we've decided to have a spooky based build completion. This months theme will be very open ended, allowing you to be creative without the restraints of a normal competition theme. You can build anything fall or halloween related, as long as it has an eerie spooky feeling to it. (Extended until the 18th of October)

1. You may create your build in either the Creative or Survival world.
2. No inappropriate builds.
3. The build has to be new. Previous pre-made builds will not be judged.

How to submit:
Go to the server events forum (click here) and post a thread with the following:

Title of the thread: Name of your build
Thread content:
Name of the builder/s:
Plot coordinate: (The one you see by entering a plot)
Theme: Island
Comments: Anything else you would like to say about your build?
4-10 screenshots

If you have any other ideas for server-wide events, or what can be changed about them, contact a staff member and let us know!
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