Server Event Ideas!


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May 1, 2020
Hiya it's Bunsie, or Amber,

Over the years of me playing Minecraft, I always thought of ideas for server events (that usually go down well) and I thought I should shove my ideas onto you guys!

I have plenty of different events for different seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), occasions (birthdays, global events), and just whatever else.

Heres my idea for a Summer event, one year (not this year cause its too close to summer and honestly it would be a LOT of work).

Tropical Island/Summer Carnival (a TWO part summer event):

The event starts like this, I'll set the scene....

You wake up dazed on a beach, you've been in a plane crash and have been fortunate enough to float to an island. The island is storming, raining, gloomy. You see an NPC in the distance... you walk to them, they explain to you that you're lucky to be alive but so fortunate to be on this island. You see, the island has been cursed, centuries ago there was a Pirate War, which ended in defeat! The pirates lost all of their treasure and put a curse on the island - It it your job to find all of their treasure in order to restore the island back to its former glory. Upon finishing with the NPC, you are given a Waterbreathing helmet, you must dive underwater in the ocean/coral reef and find all the chests to get all the pirates treasure. You soon realize that you are not alone in the water, there are Dead Pirates, Sirens and Deep Sea Creatures that want your flesh! Once you fight your way through them, killing them gives you old coins, treasures too! Once you collect all of these chests/treasures, you must swim back to the NPC. Upon doing so; ALAS! The curse is lifted! The island is once again a tropical paradise, which also opens up the second part of the event, a Summer Carnival! Once the curse is lifted you are able to talk to the NPC's that inhabit the village before the carnival, you are able to trade the treasures you found with them for Carnival Coins, and Loot (which come in handy in the carnival). In the carnival there is games, lil competitions etc etc. Winning games means more carnival coins/other loot. You can talk to the vendors in the carnival and exchange your coins for cooler loot and Event Keys (Event Crate will be based around this event).

Okay so the logistics are definitely a bit on the crazier side but I reckon a bit of this could be implemented into an event. The chests you find underwater can be from Head Database, upon clicking the heads gains you loot (this can be the same loot to each individual player so its a level playing field. There could be up to 100 chests to find depending on the size of the underwater paradise bit.

If theres any questions please lemme know! <3



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Sep 21, 2019
Unfortunately, i do not see this happening any time soon due to the development of Dungeons and Server Events taking priority over player suggested and or created events.


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Jul 1, 2019
Though I definitely do love the effort put behind this project. At some point in the future, it'd be nice.