The Big Update!!

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The Big Update

The time for change has come!


Wait hold up, is this a new website?!

I’m glad you noticed! This is Apeirons new website!

Through this site you should have easy access to the servers forums and shop! Also, for all of you mobile browsers out there, this new site should work perfectly with your phone! This site has easy access to all of the information that you need is right here! Speaking of easy access to information…

Wait holy crap is that a wiki?!

Damn straight! With the collective effort from the staff team, we have brought you wiki pages dedicated to information about Apeiron and the plugins that you will be using!

Want to make an easy 500k & Event Key, and possible celestial rank?

If you do an introduction in the Introductions section of the new forums, you will get 500k Ig cash and an Event Key! 3 lucky users who make an introduction will receive a Celestial rank as well! Feel free to do it here:

The rewards will be given in September 1, 2019.
It will be placed in your enderchest, please give 1 inventory slot for the event key

Updates and Changes:
  • /warp update! What you knew about warps is about to change! With the new warp system in place, you can edit your warps placement, lore, item, and name with /mywarp! Not only that but the warp listing that you see will be sorted by warp visits. Depending on how many visits a warp gets over a two week basis will determine it’s placement in the /warps page! Most visited means top of the list, and least visited means bottom of the list. So advertise your warps! You can also add a tax to people who teleport to your warps.

  • (This is not out yet) Refinement System! If you thought your gear was the strongest, prepare for this new gear leveling system! The refinement system now gives players a way to further improve the gear they have by refining it! More info is available to you in the wiki. Check it out here:

  • Two New Jobs! It’s been requested by so many people, so here it is! We now present the Lumberjack and Blacksmith jobs to you! With Blacksmith, you will get paid for crafting armor, weapons, and gear! Prestiging in the Blacksmith job will give you a higher chance to upgrade your gear with Refinement! Please keep in mind that payout rates on these two jobs will be updated quite a bit, so feedback is appreciated!

  • 1.8 combat mechanics? Get ready for some good old combat mechanics! Swords will now swing faster. So spam away with that sword.

  • /Hub! There is now a server Hub! You can access it with /Hub. It will be an inbetween for creative and our survival server, and possibly any new servers added to Apeiron in the future ;) so keep a lookout for that.

  • Brewery! You are now able to drink and get drunk in game! You will be able to make/brew these drinks if you are prestige 1 in chef job, even if you are not in prestige, you may commission the players that are in it to make the drinks for you! Enjoy and get silly

  • (This is not out yet) New Quest system!! There had been a lot of problems regarding the cluescrolls plugin such as the quest disappearing, glitching out or straight up not working but worry no more, we are totally replacing it with a completely different one that has a better rewarding system and less grind on those materials.

  • Core/Esssential plugin have been upgraded! this upgrade has lead to numerous problems but have solved most of our flaws on the server which is not favorable if we are to ever expand.

Minor Updates and changes:
  • Added new ranks in empire
  • Added GUI for /home
  • Changed the format of /baltop
  • Fixed the /signedit command: This command lets you edit your own existing signs (will not work on the signs before the update)
  • Fortune now works with /farmpickup perk: This is from farmer prestige 1
  • Added compass indicator on top of the screen: Will only work if you have a compass in hand
  • Disabled Riptide + Elytra combo to avoid extreme speeds in the server
  • Your personal player head is now obtainable through vote crate!
  • Bumping items in AH will now have a longer cooldown to avoid players misbuying their product.
  • Items will automatically go to your inventory when using treefeller


The staff team has been working very hard to get this update out to you guys! Be sure to thank them for their hard work and dedication to Aperion and their dedication to you! I hope you enjoy the new features!