The Emerald Republic -Message of the People


New Member
Nov 6, 2018
The Emerald Republic, home to several towns and the oldest Community all the way back to Wolfpack. 3-4 years in the making, our Founders brought forth this Nation to provide for its community.

Spruceheart, a Capital in the making for the last year. Builders, Citizens, Nation Officials, and Friends all alike, working to succeed in a common goal.

What we lack in players, we try and make up for in helping others.

A majority of the time we have spent in Apeiron, has been to create the ideal place for people to co-exist without issues. Previous issues have existed, though they have long since been stopped. Our goal is in giving back to the Community which got us to where we are today.

Some of the things you may want to know about the Capital Spruceheart:

-One of the Largest Towns on the server thus far that uses a medieval theme.
-We have a Farms outpost that is expanding to encompass all farms, that is most likely one of the oldest farming areas on the server.
-We have around 20+ players in total.
-We have personal access to /warp ERShop for all your needs of blocks, food, upgrade items, and more.
-One of the Oldest towns on the server, at around #7 as far as how old our town is.
-Upgradeable Housing Market. Whether you want a small home, or a Large Estate, all of this and in between can be provided in due time. Housing starts at 200k, shops at 50-100k
-/Warp ERMarket and /Warp EREmbassy. ERMarket is our rentable shopping complex, that has been in planning for some time now. It was open for a time, but since then we have remodeled that area into what is /warp ERShop. The new market is soon to come to An Apeiron near you. EREmbassy is our attempt at thorough diplomacy with all Nations and Towns willing to work with us on our endeavors and theirs alike. Reveran is a key example to this, as they are already making trade deals with us for bulk resources.
-Mail/Community Center willing to help your needs.
-More to come regarding our City.

What you might want to know about The Emerald Republic itself:
-It is a free society, with no tax or financial burdens.
-We have around 19 towns currently, which isn’t much, but we work with what we have. We’ve gotten smaller because of compromises we’ve made regarding Diplomacy, expansions, etc.
-We used to be a Republic, but are currently a Monarchy, based on our current player count, it’s easier to manage.
-We have a few services available to mostly all of the current Nation Community.

We hope you’ll consider all these things when looking for a Town to Join, or looking at a Nation to be a part of. Thank you for reading, and have a blessed day.