The Skeleton Key, sept.


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Aug 5, 2019
Name of the writers/s: Notifs
Plot coordinate: Kingdoms, -9062 / 64 / 16659
Theme: Minecraft Themed Folk Tale.
Comments: Vaeryon the Villager, a combative, war-scarred knight, navigates through the Shattered Savanna in search of The Obsidian Vault, which is rumored to covet an ancient key that wields the power to open a door into the past. As he journeys through the desiccated wasteland laid before him, he's plagued by nightmares that flicker beneath his eyelids, a screeching record of horrid memories of a war that seemingly took away everything he had ever loved. When those very nightmares start to alive, Vaeryon is torn between reality and fiction, and when lies start to intertwine with the truth, he has to make a choice between what is true and what is falsehood.

Also available in my echest or on Wattpad for a more enjoyable reading experience;