The USSR Christmas Event!


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Dec 29, 2018
USSR Christmas Event Update!
Last Year was a success so this year I decided to do it again!
Only difference is this year I've taken home in the USSR!

I am going to be doing another secret santa event just like last year.

How does the Secret Santa event work?
You will submit your name to myself in game, here on the forums, or in discord.
Everyone will have until December 15th to submit their name, as well as a gift.

What kind of gift?
This gift will consist of a well thought out item/items. Event gear, keys, money, rarer items, vouchers, etc.
Their is a simple list of items that are NOT allowed to be given.

1. No basic blocks.
2. Quests.
3. Food items etc. (Cake and cookies is an exception.)
4. No gag gifts. None at all. Renaming an item is not a well thought out gift.

If you do not submit a gift by December 20th, You will be removed from the list and not be given a gift! You must give a gift in order to get a gift!

If you have any questions about what sort of gifts you'd like to give, you may ask me upon submitting your name.
Once you give your name, on December 10th and onward I will be pairing people. You will NOT be given a gift from the same person yours will be given to. You will not know who the gift is for.

On December 22-January 5th chests will be placed under a tree at a warp that will be released on December 10th. I will announce on the discord whenever gifts are ready to be retrieved. Don't worry! Chests will be locked so that you will be the only person who can access this chest besides myself.

Who can participate in this event?

Literally anyone! No one will be excluded from this event. We want EVERYONE to enjoy the holidays and spread some cheer. :)

What other events will be taking place during christmas?
A two part parkour event that will take place on 4 days in December.
**You will have multiple chances to win keys, money, kits, etc.
No sign up required!

A scavenger hunt!
Items of all sorts will be hidden all around the Christmas Town to be found! Lots of items will be hidden.
Cookies, Cakes, vouchers, keys, special event items that are no longer available;
and much much more!!

A Christmas tree decorating contest!
Each player will be given a 1 chunk space to build a tree.
This event will take place 2 times in December. Each participant will have 1 week to complete the task.
Judging will take part for two days to ensure that every judge has seen the trees!
Winners will be announced the week after the end date.
(Prizes to be announced at a later date!)

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on discord! You can sign up for the Secret Santa at any given time! Not only will you be given a gift by your secret santa, but the USSR is gifting something to everyone who participates.

Lets kick off the holiday season right!!

-Much love;;

The Member of the USSR<3

Dates and times to be announced at a later date. Signups for secret santa start now! Be sure to enlist before it's too late.

Disclaimer- Anyone who has been gifted and does not pick up their gift by January 15th, the items become property of the USSR. If you happen to be banned during that time period, items will automatically be stored in the USSR vault for empire usage. Please inform me if something happens, or you will be away during the holidays so we can arrange a pick up time for your gifts!
You will not be choosing who the gift goes to. Unfortunately that makes the Secret Santa event not so secret. If you wish to give a personal gift, we can arrange a personal gift area for you specifically once the Christmas town has been built.



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Dec 29, 2018
Be sure to spread the word guys! The more people we have signing up in game, on the forums, or on the discord, the better the turn out will be. :D I'm super excited to show you guys what i've got in store this year!
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Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that Rhaina has decided to cancel this event since she has been sick and busy for the past few weeks.