Waatterrr Intro!!


New Member
Oct 2, 2020
Heya, it's Waatterrr. Just an ordinary Immortal, still looking for those mapart clearings haha. Ive been playing since the start of 2020, and i love this server with all my heart. Im a recruiter at the empire Heaven, and i look forward to seeing you all every day. I'm known for being WartLord_MC's apprentice/ or slave because i work for him so much. I used to live in Alaska, USA, and now take refuge in North Carolina. You'll see me on 4 Hours a day at least, probably looking for mapart clearings or helping warriors. I'm 13, but that doesn't make me dumb lmao. Basically Delaeh's son. Ive been playing minecraft ever since the 1.6 days. That's all from me, so catch me on dis or the server! See ya.


Apr 23, 2020
Hey there Waatterrr!

It seems like you have even more letters in your name here than in game!
It's always great to see introductions - even if you've been around a while.

We look forward to you continuing to be a slave for aid Wart in propelling the server economy forward!