WesTheKing's Introduction


New Member
Mar 19, 2020

Hello everyone, my in-game name's WesTheKing, but ya'll can call me Wes if you want.
I Joined ApeironMC on March 15 2020, but since then I've met so many players in game which are very nice and awesome.
I will stay on this server because it has a great growing community.

Outside the game I am mainly a web designer, an indie game developer and a graphics designer. so if you need help with those you can certainly pm me.

What are my Goals in-game?
Maintain a stable town with all the essential resources and other things that are found on a big town.​
Meet new people that will be part of my game experience and certainly make it even more enjoyable.​
Learn and Abide the rules of Apeironmc while maintaining a reputation of a good player.​
Just have fun.​