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Getblock is the reason I still play on the server. It is great to have an owner that actually cares about the community.
can I join your town when I get unbanned
Sure - if you get unbanned and can also raise 100mil (that's been the joinfee for the past few months).
Hi everyone! I am new to the community, I joined Today and If I could can I ask someone a couple of questions, either a OG or a Staff member.
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Welcome to the community!
Feel free to ask anything! If need be you can dm me on discord for easier contact. (linked in signature)
Or you can join the server discord via, ( there you can find our amazing staff team as well as our community!
Okay man you can't go giving Overlord out for free... Thanks to that random number generator
I am going through one of my boredom phases again, so I wont be on as much until I am no longer bored. Also, school is going to start soon, so I also wont be online as I need to catch up on some things, its not like I waited for the last second to finish all my summer work or anything.... Definitely not...
Hello! how are you doing today! I`m so happy to see you today and I like you just the way you are!