ApeironMC Rules

These are the official server rules for ApeironMC. We expect you to follow these rules and respect the rules. Failure to obey these rules will result in receiving a punishment.


      1.1 If you have several complaints lodged against you and/or have a negative impact on the community, you will be dealt with by the staff team.

      1.2 If a staff member feels that you are preventing them from performing their job, you will be asked to stop.

      • This varies with each member of our staff team, please maintain respect and patience.

      1.3 Listen to and respect all members of the staff team. We have the final say in all matters, arguing with your punishment will not be tolerated.

      • If you do not agree with a staff member’s final decision, you may bring it up to higher staff members in Discord, preferably admin and up.
      • If you feel that a staff member is targeting you or has treated you unfairly, obtain as much proof as possible and report them to a higher staff member.

      1.4 Pushing the limits or breaking rules intentionally is not allowed.​ Such as:

      • Making snide or disrespectful comments towards someone, but not naming them.
      • Testing how far you can push the rules before being punished by staff members.

      1.5 If you are bypassing your ban by using an alt. Your alt will be permanently banned until your main account is unbanned.


      2.1 Do not impersonate other players.​

      • Do not impersonate Staff or other players through /nick, changing names/alts, etc. (This also includes saying "I'm staff" when you're not).

      2.2 Do not lie about or slander other players.

      • Lying about other players or reporting something that never happened makes things difficult for staff members and can result in punishment.

      2.3 Keep chat appropriate.
      Understand that our server is open to all ages, keep it appropriate at all times. This includes nicknames, settlement names, weapons, tools, etc.​

      • No excessive swearing, sexual language, or comments on the use of drugs.
      • Do not swear at other players.

      2.4 No controversial topics.

      • Do not discuss politics, religion, or other controversial issues in Global chat. These topics usually lead to heated arguments and have a negative effect towards the community itself.​
        • Examples of controversial issues include but are not limited to: Cultural Rivalries, Politics, etc.
        • Topics that will lead to arguments, specifically topics that involve current real life issues.

      2.5 No Harassing, Discriminating or Flaming.​
      Do not harass, discriminate or flame other players. It can also be other non-chat actions which drive players away from the community. For instance; luring newly joined players to your town so you can kill them or lock them in your town jail.

      • Harassing someone is intimidating them or subjecting them with aggressive pressure.
      • Discriminating against someone is intentionally disrespecting, or excluding someone from the server activities based on who they are as an individual.
      • All negative comments/discussions about LGBTQ topics are prohibited; however, players are free to share their experiences and chat freely about this topic as long as it is SFW.

      2.6 ​Do not cause riots in Global Chat or in any chat owned by the server.​

      • An example of starting a riot is getting several members of the server to spam chat about a situation handled poorly between players and staff.

      2.7 No spamming.​

      • Do not spam: abuse text walls, excessive song lyrics, or use excessive capital letters in chat.
      • No encouraging spam within the general chat. Ex: Asking the chat to pick a number between 1-20
      • No excessive use of special characters including the use of them to communicate with players. (such as “𝐻𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑜!”). The words should also be readable at all times.
      • Do not speak with drunk chat in general channel (from the brewery plugin). You can prevent this by putting your messages between asterisks.
        • Example: *Hello world*.

      2.8 English only in global chat.​

      • English is the only language allowed in Global Chat, You may use other private channels such as settlement chat, party chat or local chat for other languages.

      2.9 No Discussions regarding Illegal Activities.

      • Do not discuss DDOS or other illegal activities. This includes discussion through usernames, any channels, private message, nicknames, settlement names, weapons, tools, etc. i

      2.10 Do not use renamed items for communication.​

      • Under no circumstances may you use renamed items as a way to communicate with other players.
      • Do not bypass our non-colored chat using renamed items.
      • Any attempts at bypassing mutes, whether through renamed items or signs, will result in further punishment.

      2.11 Do not reveal or share private/personal information about others without their permission.​

      • This includes Phone Numbers, Address, Personal ID, Pictures, Social Media Accounts, etc.


      3.1 Do not advertise other servers​.

      • Advertising other servers is not permitted in any form. This includes advertising other servers in messages or any other chat channels.
        • Mentioning servers such as Hypixel, HiveMC and MinePlex is allowed, as long as it is not advertising them.
        • Please be respectful on other servers and do not advertise Apeiron on other servers.

      3.2 Advertising server-related items must be appropriate.

      • If you are going to advertise your in-game server shop, or anything server-related, do it in /chat trade. Posting several advertisements in a short time will be considered spam.
        • Advertising your player shop in the auction house is not appropriate as the Auction House is meant for selling items only​.

      3.3 Do not post any links other than those that are server-related, unless given permission, this also applies to IP addresses.​

      • This includes the IP of HiveMC and MinePlex.
      • Players with the Content Creator role on the server discord are allowed to post links to streams and videos, so long as they are specifically for this server.
      • Players can contact any admin for approval of their channel/stream in order to receive the Content Creator role.


      4.1 No Destruction Near Settlements​

      • Do not intentionally break natural terrain within 4 chunks of a Settlement/Kingdom without the leader’s permission. Using mobs to destroy terrain is also not allowed, nor is harassing a settlement by placing/destroying anything around it
        • Higher ranking staff members have the authority to decide if you are trolling or being toxic.​
      • Example: Demolishing/Wrecking structures is considered toxic behavior.
      • This does not mean you get protected claims without actually claiming land. People are still free to steal from you if your land is unclaimed. They can not, however, harass you by destroying terrain, placing TNT, etc.

      4.2 No Demolishing of Kingdoms World​

      • Do not destroy or deface the environment of Kingdoms world except for building purposes. Use /resource instead​.

      4.3 Do not build random 1x1 pillars in Kingdom World​

      4.4 No Inappropriate builds​

      4.5 No griefing in claimed areas​

      • Destroying, stealing or placing items on claimed land is not permitted. You may grief any unclaimed structures, always check /s map for verification.
        • Definition of "griefing" = Breaking/Stealing/Placing blocks without permission.​

      4.6 No creating nether portal traps​

      4.7 Redstone/Entity Build Regulations:​​

      • Redstone builds will be restricted to minimize lag created on the server. Restrictions include:
        • Automated redstone farms should not exceed a build size of 60x60x60 blocks.
        • One Redstone Farm up to 60x60x60 blocks in a rendering distance.
        • You may have up to 3 16x16x16 block Redstone Farms, or smaller, within a rendering distance.
        • Rendering distance is set to 6 chunks on the server.
        • Any redstone timers that are operational without any purpose must be turned off.
        • Redstone lag machines are strictly not permitted.


      5.1 No Bypassing Afk​

      • Do not use anything that will bypass the 20 minute AFK kick.​
      • This includes Auto / AFK Fish Farms, AFK Pools, Macros, Auto-Clicker, etc.
        • The above are all strictly prohibited even if used for less than 20 minutes.

      5.2 Do not use Unapproved mods/clients

      • Do not use XRAY or any un-approved mods/clients. This includes using f3's entity counter to find dungeons.​
        • Minimaps - Player-tracking, mob-tracking or underground cave systems disabled.​
        • Optifine​
        • Shaders​
        • Texture Packs, except those that give X-Ray or unfair advantage.​
        • Inventory Tweaks​
        • Shulker Box Tooltip (Allows you to view contents of a shulkerbox)
        • Schematica - No Printmode and No Easy Place.​
        • 5zig​
        • Raising gamma​
        • Macros are limited to basic commands and crafting.
          • Ask any staff member if you are unsure on whether or not a macro can be used.

      5.3 No duping/exploitation of any kind​
      Using minecraft duping or exploitation is strictly prohibited and will result in an automatic permanent ban.

      5.4 No stealing kills of the ender dragon​
      Only the player who placed the end crystals to spawn in an ender dragon has the right to kill it.

  • 6. ECONOMY

      6.1 No Undermining Server Shop ​
      The intention of not profiting but destroying the value of the one item.

      • Example: Selling 2,000pcs of Wheat for $1. When you could have sold it through /sell all for a much higher price.

      6.2 Afk farms and grinders are allowed​
      So long as it is not bypassing the 20 minute AFK kick and does not use Auto / AFK Fish Farms, AFK Pools, Macros, Auto-Clicker, etc.

      6.3 No Overpricing​

      • Do not sell an item that is higher than the buy price of /shop or /heads. This only applies to /shop and /heads items and any other items that aren't listed in them can be priced freely without restrictions.

      6.4 Copyrights​
      Map Art and Written Books cannot be sold without author's permission.​

      6.5 No Scamming.​
      Scamming is intentionally stealing money or items from someone during a trade or agreement, or intentionally misleading players regarding the value of server items. Failure to follow the agreement/contracts is also considered a form of scamming.

      6.6 Warp regulations
      All regulations must be followed in order for your warp to exist

      • Inactive warps for 2 months will be removed.
      • No inappropriate warps
      • No selling/transferring of warps to other players.
      • Unsafe/Unclaimed warps are not allowed

      6.7 Real Life trades. ​
      Trades involving in game and real life money will not exceed a ratio of $450,000 (in game) to $1.00 (real life currency). This is the maximum.​ We will not be held liable if a trade is conducted outside of the server. You must take screenshots of the trade whenever doing so to help minimize the risk of scam.

      • Selling in game money or items for real currency (paypal, cryptocurrency, nano currency, real life cash) is not allowed.
      • Only virtual items for in game money is allowed.


      7.1 Only One Alt Account​
      You may not have more than one alt account.​

      7.2 Alt Accounts limited​
      You may not vote, use lottery or join any events, including the fishing event, with your alternate account. You may not use alternate accounts to grind /jobs. This includes using an alt for more chef furnaces.​ No Alt account should also be in a settlement which is different from the main, unless it is declared that it is an alt, and the settlement permits it.

      7.3 Your account, Your responsibility​
      It is your responsibility to ensure that anyone using your account follows the rules, any punishment given will stand, regardless of who was actually playing at the time.

  • 8. PvP

      8.1 No TP Killing​
      Using the /Tpa command to kill another player, whether its someone teleporting to you or not, is not allowed.​ If a player who has teleported to you, or you to them, attacks you, you are allowed to defend yourself.

      • Baiting players to teleport at a location with the intention of killing them is also tp killing
      • Luring players into your settlement then killing them could be considered harassment or TP killing

      8.2 No Spawn Killing/Camping​
      Do not camp players /homes or settlement /s homes. Killing players as they go to homes or settlements homes is not allowed on the server.​ If you're raiding, raid at your own RISK, /home killing is allowed while raiding, /tping people to you while you're raiding isn't allowed. If you find yourself the victim of this, contact a staff member privately

      8.3 Play fair at all times​
      Do not abuse the PvP toggling in settlements to kill people, this is a form of abuse and will incur punishment.​

      8.4 Indirect PvP isn't allowed in a Non-PvP environment.​
      Using lava, water, breaking blocks, etc under them to kill someone in a Non-PvP environment is not allowed.​


    Leaders includes any members of a town or empire given the relevant permissions that enable them to break applicable rules. Chief/King/Emperor are responsible for the actions of town members, they may be affected if their member violates any of these rules

      9.1 - Leader/s can set their own Settlement rules.​

      • Must follow all other Server Rules.
      • Must have a physical copy of the rules such as; a town board, written book, etc.
      • Rules cannot just be given over messages or settlement/local/global chat.

      9.2 - If a Leader/s is kicking a member for any reasons other than breaking town/server rules, They must be given 14 days notice and allow them to gather any of their property or belongings during this time.Make sure to keep proof of notice.

      • Leader/s may kick residents if they have violated server and/or settlement rules

      9.3 - If a Chief/King/Emperor is inactive for a month, Members must hold a vote for their next leader, the player with the most votes will become the next Chief/King/Emperor.

      • A Chief/King/Emperor can be removed by staff if they have more than 2 offenses of “Chief/King/Emperor Abuse.”
      • A member (Officer) can be removed by staff if they committed any “Power abuse”

      9.4 - Leader/s may not take items or remove builds without the creators permission.​​

      • Only exception is if they were removed in the town appropriately (Read rule 9.2)

      9.5 - Camping outside someone's claims and/or surrounding a settlement with claims is considered harassment.​

      9.6 - If your Settlement has a joining fee, you must tell the player before inviting. You may not change the fee right before they join.​

      9.7 - If you're setting or changing taxes in your Settlement, they must be given 7 days notice. Proof of notification must be kept

      9.8 - Players may not buy other settlements for the sole purpose of raiding them. Settlement leaders may not disband towns for no reason.​

      • Every member of the settlement has to agree with the disbandment.
      • Only exception is if they are alone in that settlement.

      9.9 No 'Poaching' is allowed. You may not steal or entice, in a private manner, members of another empire into your own - a town leaving an Empire will be done by choice of the town owner. Calling them a traitor or other derogatory things will be considered harassment.