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Bring back the suggestions channel on discord

Dec 19, 2018
Forcing all of the suggestions to be posted here is extremely inconvenient. This alone took me well over a few minutes to log in, find the part of the forums to post this in, and type out these paragraphs. If the suggestion is small and only requires one sentence people may not want to go out of their way to make the suggestion like this.

For example, what if it’s just “add a way to toggle sitting.” I imagine most people wouldn’t go well out of their way to post that here, especially when it can quickly be typed up in a chat.

If the reasoning for this is “the suggestions channel would lead to discussion and we may not be able to see the suggestion” you guys are volunteer staff. I understand making things easier on you, but looking through messages isn’t the most difficult thing in the world.


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Jan 26, 2019
North Carolina
I completely agree with this suggestion. I recall many occasions where I simply haven't felt like going through the trouble of making a formal suggestion, and thus never suggesting it. Bringing back the discord server would allow us to make suggestions and discuss them with great ease.
Jun 19, 2019
If a suggestion is posted on the discord channel:

Staff would either have to direct message the player or @ them to make sure the person saw their response to it, that way they don’t feel like staff ignored their suggestion. Every time this happens, suggestions get pushed further and further up in the chat channel, where not only staff but other players can have a hard time finding them.

Rather than discussions about a suggestion being separated into individual places, ALL of those discussions would be happening in one channel, so you could potentially have 5 comments about 1 thing spread out over a week with no easy way to track them, which could be confusing for everyone that has genuine interest in seeing how a suggestion goes.

A player could make a suggestion just as 2 or 3 other people do, and their idea could easily be neglected or missed because there’s nothing separating *THIS IS A NEW SUGGESTION* from *THIS IS ANOTHER SUGGESTION OR REPLY TO AN OLD SUGGESTION FROM A WEEK AGO*.

I understand that discord is a convenient way for players to do things, but doing it on the forums is so much more organized and easy to go through and review. Suggestions are important to the staff team and get reviewed often, so wouldn’t you want your idea to be reviewed in the best way possible?

I would rather take 5 whole minutes (such a long time in our generation of instant gratification) to make a suggestion that I KNOW will be reviewed and replied to professionally by a staff member, and can also be checked out easily by my fellow players where they can comment on it as well.

*feel free to give counter arguments to my statements above if you have a reason to disagree with anything I’ve said. If you don’t, then please don’t make a huge deal out of it*


Oct 22, 2018
As EliteAgent07 mentioned, having suggestions on the forums would make it more organized, inputs of others would be recognized, both staff and players would be able to refer back to the arguments made and see why a suggestion was considered/not considered.

Since you're logged in already and the Suggestions thread is linked in the discord channel, you would only have to click on the link and create a post. I understand it's not as convenient as throwing a suggestion in discord and forgetting about it, but we believe this is the way to go for the future.