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Building Competition

It has been awhile since we have done a building competition but here we are with a brand new Creative Server where you can build anything you would like!.

There will be two building competition with the same prizes.
Theme #1: Ancient Ruins
Theme #2: Water themed (atlantis?)
Location: Creative server /creative
You be judged upon the overall look, creativity, complexity and atmosphere.

Deadline: April 15, 2019
Judging date: April 17, 2019

Other important notes
Be sure to use every space you have in your plot as every little thing will be judged upon.
The privilege of being the creative server spawn will be solely based upon my judgement

- You may only submit 1 build per competition (maximum of 2 since there is two build themes)
- Inappropriate builds is not allowed

Rewards: Top 5 on each building competition
#1: Celestial Rank/ $30, $7,000,000 in game money, 10 event keys
#2: Immortal rank/ $15, $5,000,000 in game money, 7 event keys
#3: Immortal rank/ $15, $2,000,000 in game money, 5 event keys
#4: Mystic rank/ $7, $1,000,000 in game money, 4 event keys
#5: Mystic rank/ $7, 3 event keys

Special sponsor: One of our player "CollectionsAgent" wanted to gift a rank to the best builder on the competition and will receive a Sovereign Rank. It would be entirely up to him to who would receive it.

How to submit:
go to the link below and then post a thread with the following:
Title of the thread: Name of your build
Thread content:
Name of the builder/s:
Getblock, ??
Plot coordinate: (The one you see by entering a plot)
Theme: Water/Ancient Ruins
Comments: Any you would like to say about the build?
4-10 screenshots
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