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December News!

I hope everyone is having a nice day so far, It has been exactly two weeks since the server has opened and we grateful to see everyone is enjoying in the server.

Marketplace or /warp market
Unfortunately, we will have to close down warp market for technical reasons, it might be permanent but we are not sure yet. If we do permanently close down warp market, we would make player warps cheaper for everyone's convenience.

For those who have owned a marketplace, we will surely bring your items back to you once we decided if we are going to permanently close it or not. We very sorry for the inconvenience that we may have caused.

News on Bug fixing and Updates
Kingdoms and other plugins will be updated soon
Expected Time: December 3 - 4
Expected Fixes:
- Nobles be able to use /s mode
- Plot settings are now independent (does not need to be owned to work)
- Optimization
- Fly fix on change world
- Mojang name change

Features that are in development
Expected to finish by end of december.
Automated Events!!!
Yes! finally, i know everyone is having a tough time on grinding and all that however we are adding something that should help to relief you from that constant grind. We will be introducing a event called BlockParty!. This event will run in between MoreFish Events to have that constant thing to do every hour.

Custom Enchantments
We are still in the process of making custom enchantments and would take awhile for this feature to be released. We will keep you guys updated once we have a definite release on this feature.
- Soon to Come -

Top Voters!!
Each month we give our rewards to those who has the most votes! We do not count anyone’s alt nor anyone who tries to cheat.
1st: One cosmetic reward, 10 Event keys, Celestial Rank or ($30 buycraft credit)
2nd: One cosmetic reward, 5 Event keys, Celestial or ($30 buycraft credit)
3rd to 5th: 5 Event keys, Immortal Rank or ($15 buycraft credit)

Building Event!!!
Every month we will be hosting a Build Comp with a different theme each time.
Example: Christmas tree, Snowy Builds, Christmas Village theme or anything that you would see normally in christmas is allowed

1. No inappropriate builds
2. One person per submission (submitting through alt account is not allowed)

Our prizes will be a bit different each month but this is December’s prizes!
1st: 15 Event Keys, 10 Participation Keys, $7,000,000 In game money, 50 bonus claims
2nd: 10 Event Keys, 7 Participation Keys, $5,000,000 In game money, 50 bonus claims
3rd: 5 Event Keys, 5 Participation Keys, $4,000,000 In game money, 50 bonus claims
Participation: You will receive 1 Participation Key for an exclusive rewards only for this month!
Please submit your builds on the forums here:

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Dec 13, 2018
Queensland, Australia
I'm doing a Nightmare before Christmas themed build. Could I still do it even though it's technically a halloween movie?