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Early Access!!!


Greetings everyone!
it has been awhile! for almost two full months of developing and now we are here! i'm so excited to announce that we will now release Early access to ER/OG players! At 9am to 7pm EST from November 11th to 15th, the server will whitelist players who have either a ER and/or OG rank on our discord. Since the server is still pretty new, there'll be some features that will be disabled until they are fully updated and fixed for use.

The scoreboard format and other formats will be fixed for the official release! Features disabled:
- Silk Spawners
- AuctionHouse
- Cosmetics
- Collectibles
- Bounty
- Server Store
- Server Voting
- Crates
- Rankup System
(We're still fixing and will be adding more features in the future)

Kingdoms will reset on 16th for official release so don't progress your kingdoms. Only make one for claiming your main stuff. Fee for creating a settlement on beta phase is 10% of the original fee. Your items and builds will stay the same. Just not your Kingdoms data. There are still lots of bugs and glitches (not formats), please report them for rewards! Thank you for being patience with us and sticking through the thick and thin. We'll forever be truly grateful.

New addition to staff team
Congrats to our new staff members!

CosmicCoco - Helper
Green_floof - Helper
Airedog - Helper
chewyzi - Discord Mod

We will be closing Staff Applications until next month after the server releases! To those who applied but didn't get a respond, try again a month after the server releases! Don't give up hope. You can still be very helpful as a regular player. Thank you so much!