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My Absence From The Server

Jun 19, 2019
Hello guys!

I've received questions from several members of the server about my absence from the server in the past week or two. In the interest of quelling your confusion and providing an answer for those of you interested, im going to do my best to explain where I've been and whats going on the post below. If you have no idea who I am or what im going on about, then happily click away from this post knowing the information provided will likely make no difference to you and your time would be better used elsewhere; however, if you've been curious and waiting, and you genuinely want to know whats going on, then feel free to read on below!

About a week or two ago, I made the decision to leave Apeiron (not knowing at the time how short-term or long-term my absence would be) due to several key factors. This decision was a culmination of stress in my personal life, increasing responsibilities to my friends IRL, and the realization that I was no longer fully enjoying playing on the server. While I do enjoy the community on Apeiron and the amazing people I've met through my time playing, the original point of me playing was to enjoy the game and relieve stress from my personal life; realizing that this was no longer happening prompted me to take a step back from playing. The thought process behind my choice was that I could evaluate whether or not it would be beneficial to return to playing, or if it was actually causing me MORE stress being on the server.

As for when I plan to return to playing on the server: I'm not entirely sure yet. I will likely get online every now and then just to chat with people and see how I feel, but there's no way for me to know if/when I can return to playing full time until I have time to really consider it.

In the meantime of this decision, I have split my possessions/wealth on the server between a few players that I thought were great, and my now former Kingdom. In the times that I visit the server to chat, I don't plan to stay affiliated with any one set Kingdom or Empire, and it will only be to chat with everyone in general. If you need to get in touch with me, feel free to message me while im on the server, or several members of staff and certain players are able to contact me if there's some sort of emergency.

I hope this has cleared things up some for you guys, and I look forward to seeing you around.


(P.S, thank you to the select group of players that checked up on me after my initial absence. I appreciate how thoughtful some of the people in this community can be, you know who you are)