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News and Announcement + Building Competition

Hello everyone,

i am delighted to see that the server has finally became stable in terms of the community and features.

Recent Changes:
  • Massive revamp on Event crates and can be considered final.
  • a bunch of bug fixes throughout the month
  • Removal of selling rights on certain crops to discourage automated farms.
  • A big change on Pet System.

Medieval Building Competition
The time has come to announce our winners for the Medieval building competition.

Our winners are:
1st: Darksyde666
2nd: Vespilan
3rd: BigFloopy Rooster

The rewards will be the same one as last time:
1st: 15 Event Keys, 10 boost Keys, $7,000,000 In game money, 50 bonus claims
2nd: 10 Event Keys, 7 boost Keys, $5,000,000 In game money, 50 bonus claims
3rd: 5 Event Keys, 5 boost Keys, $4,000,000 In game money, 50 bonus claims

Honorary Winners:
Kvatch, TinyBoe and ThePiggyperson
Prize: 5 Event Keys

Participation Reward:
The rest of the participants will receive 3 Event Keys

How to claim your reward: Message me privately on forums or Discord with this format:
PlayerName: YourNameHere

I have won 2nd place in Medieval building competition
PlayerName: YourNameHere

I have participated on medieval Building competition.

/games Winners: