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Server Release Date!?


Hey guys, welcome to the forums! Thank you for visiting the forums, please sign up and register.

Another thank you for staying with us and being patient with us a while now but we finally have some good news!
In the next few weeks, some Staff Members and I have been testing the bugs and testing out the plugins.

Here's our plan and what to expect:
November 5-10th: Will be a test play through by Staff Members
November 11-15th: Will be released to ONLY players who have Early Release & OG Ranks (On Our Discord). The server will be only be open from 9:00am to 7:00pm EST from November 11th to 15th every single day.
November 16th: The server will be closed while we finalize everything for the official release
November 17th: Will be officially released to the public for everyone! 9:00a.m EST

We will be hosting monthly build competitions and maybe even pvp competitions! Make sure to visit the website to keep up with the news.

We are far from being a great server but we're trying out very best to make sure it is in the future. But we also need you, as a community to work together and help us as well. Please bare with us if we make any inconvenience or mistakes for the early days of the server! I am excited to see everyone on the server and i hope each one of you will enjoy it :)

Note: Not all the features will be released on the official date, some will be delayed due to technical reasons and if everything goes smoothly, we might release it earlier than expected (will keep everyone updated)
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