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Server Released

Official Server Release
Date: November 17, 2018

I would like to thank every single one of you in this community, It may been too chaotic for past few days due to glitches and bugs that kept popping out however we have eliminated mots of them and i'm confident to say that we won't have any more inconvenience when it comes to playing regularly in the server.

Features that are custom made for the server:

Kingdoms (wiki is on progress)
Auction House
Kit Packages
Warp System

Currently being made:
Bounty System

If you have encountered a bug or glitches, please do not hesitate to make a report to staff or make a forum post for Bugs and Exploits section. We will try our best to sort them out as soon as possible and we are trying our best to make the server better by the hour.

I do hope everyone enjoys the server's gameplay, that will be the best payment for the effort that the developers and staff have done for the server. Thank you for everyone who followed me all this time.

- Getblock